Pump, Gear Box, & Motor Repairs / Rebuilds

Providing services for pump, gear box, and motor rebuild for machinery and components in construction, mining, and other industries, Denver Machine Shop is happy to serve customers worldwide, from North America and around the glob. With expertise in pump repair for any type of pump, from rotary vane to multistage and turbine pumps, our services will get your equipment and operation back up and running.

Our engineers are equipped to rebuild gear boxes in all configurations and sizes, for any application: floor or shaft mount, right angle, large size gear boxes, and speed reducers. We also have infrared gear inspection capabilities. If motor repair is required, we can rebuild motor shafts and replace bearings to factory specifications. Dodge, Edison, Browning, and Scott are a few among the many manufacturers we have experience with rebuilding. Denver Machine is ready to help in all your repair and rebuild needs, so contact us today.

  • Repairs / Rebuilds Offerings:

Pumps Rebuilt
Rotary Vane
Split Case Pump
Turbine Pumps
Gear Boxes Rebuilt
Factory Preload/Backlash
Floor Mount
Inspection of Gears using IR
Large Sizes
Right Angle
Shaft Mount
Speed Reducers
Motors Rebuilt Replacement bearings provided to factory specifications
Shaft to factory specifications
Other Services Inspection Services
Weld Repair of Sleeve
Many Others
Rex North
Industry Standards AWS Certified Welders
Coal Mining Industries
Colorado Mining Association
Rocky Mountain
Society of Mining/Metallurgical and Exploration Engineers
Veteran Owned
Vertical Lathe Diameter Up to 120 in
Lifting Capacity 60,000 lbs
Width Up to 35 ft
Length Up to 22 ft
Horizontal Diameter Up to 66 in
Milling Capability (4 axis) Up to 144 x 48 x 96 in
Press Capability Up to 600 tons
Tolerance +/- .0005″
Production Volume Low Volume
File Formats
All Others